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About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Laramie Regional Airport is to provide a safe and secure facility for the benefit of the commercial and general aviation community by providing; services, professional staff, coordination and cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration, Wyoming State Aeronautics Division, Laramie City Council, and the Albany County Commissioners.

Our Team



Amy Terrell

Airport Director

Tamie Wick

Accounting Manager

Jeannie Jenkins

Administrative Assistant

Airport Operations Specialists

Emily Clinton
Jake Haffey
Phil Kelley
Joe Moore
Aramiz Ramirez
Cody Segal

Customer Service

Ronan Baker
Jaya Smith

Laramie Regional Airport Board

Malea Brown


Robert Southard

Vice President

Tracy Fletcher


Jackie Gonzales


Dan Johnson



Where We've Been


Laramie Regional Airport is established as "Brees Field," named after General Herbert Jay Brees of the U.S. Army. Fun fact: The original hangar of Laramie Regional Airport still stands today!


The runways at Brees Field are paved in order to allow hundreds of B-24 bombers to land in Laramie. These bombers deliver crews to the University of Wyoming recreation camp in the Snowy Range for rest and recuperation.


The paved runways allow passenger service to take place for the first time, provided by Summit Airlines.


Original terminal is built.


A name change results in Brees Field becoming Laramie Regional Airport.


The original terminal is remodeled.


A heated community hangar is completed, runways are extended to accommodate larger aircraft, and the City of Laramie water project is completed.


Completed an upgrade from its previous 1940s era 1,500-sq-ft structure to a newly built 4,000-sq-ft terminal this month. The $2.3 million project, which took 18 months, included ramp drainage and lighting, along with new fencing and gates around the Avfuel-branded FBO, a new parking lot where the former terminal building once stood, and landscaping. The new building provides a passenger lounge/lobby, pilot lounge with full crew kitchen, a 15-seat A/V-equipped conference room, and a pair of snooze rooms.


Opened a new 14,000 square foot terminal.


Where We are Today

Currently, Laramie Regional Airport serves an average of 40 based aircraft, including private and corporate planes. Additionally, LAR houses the University of Wyoming's Department of Atmospheric Research aircraft, which is used to conduct groundbreaking research.

As a Part 139 Air Carrier Certified airport, with non-precision instrument approaches and trained aviation and rescue fire-fighting personnel, Laramie Regional Airport also plays an important role in fire-fighting efforts. LAR also provides airport weather conditions via ASOS 135.475.

Laramie Regional Airport is operated and financed by the City of Laramie and Albany County and governed by a Board of Directors, appointed by a joint committee of the city and county.

Where We're Going

At Laramie Regional Airport, we take pride in serving the community of Laramie with quality air transportation, and we hope to continue to take convenience to new altitudes for our travelers for years to come.

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